[JDEV] conferencing with all services - distributed chat room

Ashvil ashvil at i3connect.net
Thu Aug 16 01:07:57 CDT 2001

From: "Fabien Ninoles" <fabien at Nightbird.Dynamic.TZoNE.ORG>
> I can see three different kinds of "room proxy".

Can this concept be extended so that a jabber chat room is spread across
multiple Jabber servers like an IRC channel. That would save on bandwidth,
as messages would not have to be replicated. It will be inline with the
distributed architecture that Jabber has (ie. Lot of small servers around
the world, rather then a huge centrally controlled big server).

This way all the users can join a local chat room which has a proxy to the
main chat room on a different server. Is this one of the requirements for
the conferencing group.


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