[JDEV] Time to develop a client ?

Mark Lynch Mark at surfcast.com
Thu Aug 16 07:17:03 CDT 2001

Depends on what you're using to develop it Matt. If you use VB or Delphi I'd
imagine you'd have something solid in a week or so. If you're using VC++
then it's a bit more difficult, maybe two weeks. I've been integrating
jabber into our program on a very ad-hoc basis so those are just guesses.
It's worthwhile to take a few days to read all the docs first too before
even touching JabberCOM. There's also a sample, Jabbin, that's a decent
reference point.

Good luck,

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I am relatively new to Jabber and was wondering how much time it takes to
develop a decent client with the minimal functionalities (with Jabbercom).
Any hint wold be appreciated.



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