[JDEV] IBM Linux Community Development System

Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Thu Aug 16 11:20:04 CDT 2001

After our meeting last week in the Foundation conference room, Dan Powers,
the new Director to the Jabber Foundation Board, was asked for some
information about some of IBM's development support environments.  Dan asked
me to get this out for everyone.

Linux Community Development System

The Linux Community Development System (the 'Service'), a Service provided
by IBM. The Service
provides access to Linux on a S/390 environment for the purpose of providing
the Open Source community with a platform to develop, port and/or test drive
their products or applications on this platform. We anticipate the majority
of users to include entrepreneur developers/vendors that otherwise might not
have the opportunity to test/port their code to the S/390 platform. However,
we invite all interested parties that meet the established terms and
conditions to register and experience "Linux for S/390".

The web site is highlighted below. 


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