[JDEV] Type of connection used for a jabber server

Simon Guindon sguindon at sltscommunications.net
Mon Aug 20 10:08:13 CDT 2001

Hello David,

I run Sympatico HSE at home also and I haven't been disconnected ever, the
only time I've lost my connection is when I've rebooted my machine so I've
had un-interrupted connection for months.  Is your internet connection
itself whats dropping or is it just the client?  It may not be an ISP issue
it could be a client/server issue.  Do you notice any problems like this on
other programs you may be running that connect to a server that you leave
connected for a long period of time?

Simon Guindon
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  Hi all,
      Since I am having problems of disconnections in my jabber client after
a while connected on my jabber server, I suspect the problem is related to
the connection I use which is HighSpeed edition (adsl). Can I know which
type of connection you guyz use to run your jabber server?

  And yes I use the send nothing trick each 30 seconds so it is not because
of timeout error.

  PS: Does anybody had similar problems with adsl connections ( specificaly
bell )?

  Thanks in advance.

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