[JDEV] ANNOUNCE: Freewebfone & Jabber client

Daniel Ding danielding at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 25 14:47:00 CDT 2001


The Jabber Client has been integrated into Freewebfone (Windows version), 
and users now be able to use audio and video on top of Jabber IM. The Jabber 
client can also work as a stand alone program and we call it SmallJab. 
Currently only very basic Jabber functions are supported:
1. Register a new account.
2. Login and logout.
3. Add and remove a contact (buddy).
4. Chat.

The SmallJab binary can be downloaded at:

The SmallJab source code can be downloaded at:

Freewebfone (with integrated Jabber client) can be downloaded at:



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