[JDEV] server to server connection

Dillip Kumar Swain babu95 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 09:41:49 CDT 2001

I am using jabber server-1.4.1.
I want to configure jabber server(myserver1.abc) to
jabber server(myserver2.abc) connection. But I found
error" server connect failed". I am sending some
part(c2s & s2s) of my configuration file jabber.xml.

Pl. correct my configure file if I have any wrong!

Thanx in advance

  <service id="c2s">
    <pthcsock xmlns='jabber:config:pth-csock'>

      Use these to listen on particular addresses
and/or ports.
      <ip port="5222"></ip>
      <ip port="5222"/>

      The <ssl/> tag acts pretty much like the <ip/>
      except it defines that SSL is to be used on the 
      ports and IP addresses specified. You must
      an IP address here, or the connections will
      <ssl port='5223'></ssl>
      <ssl port='5224'></ssl>


  This is the default server error logging component, 
  which copies to a file and to STDERR. 

  <log id='elogger'>
    <format>%d: [%t] (%h): %s</format>

  This is the default server record logging component,

  which logs general statistical/tracking data. 

  <log id='rlogger'>
    <format>%d %h %s</format>

  <!-- The following two services are for handling
server-to-server traffic. -->

  <!-- External asychronous DNS resolver -->

  <service id="dnsrv">
    <dnsrv xmlns="jabber:config:dnsrv">
    	<resend service="_jabber._tcp">s2s</resend> <!--
for supporting SRV records -->

  The following 's2s' config handles server
connections and 
  dialback hostname verification.  The <legacy/>
element is 
  here to enable communication with old 1.0 servers.
  karma settings are a little higher here to handle
  higher traffic of server-to-server connections (read
  the io section below for more details, medium

  <service id="s2s">
    <dialback xmlns='jabber:config:dialback'>
      <!-- Use these to listen on particular addresses
and/or ports.
      <ip port="7000"/>
      <ip port="5269"></ip>
	<ip port="5269"/>
      <ip port="5269">myserver2.abc</ip>

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