[JDEV] Jabber Weekly News, Issue 1

temas temas at box5.net
Thu Aug 30 00:35:07 CDT 2001

Matt Diez wrote:

> I have to agree with Julian here - the more consolidation that can
> happen (particularly within the jabber.org domain) - the easier it
> is to get a handle on what is actually happening in the client/server/
> components/transports/third-party realm.
> I would really appreciate it, and I feel I speak for a decent volume
> of developers.
> Matthew D. Diez
> Systems Engineer
> Vedalabs, Inc.
> matt at vedalabs.com

I think that multiple feeds of information is ok, as long as we do 
present a clear consolidation of them somewhere.  I know Justin is 
working on just this for JabberCentralNews (not the jabber central feed, 
rather this exact gathering point).  I'm not sure how far he is, but it 
sounds like people are wanting it more and more (myself included).  I'll 
prod him next time I talk to him.  Do others have any thoughts about 
where/how they would want a consolidated feed?


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