[JDEV] Advice on how to investigate a memory leak

Stefan Praszalowicz stefan.praszalowicz at edi-presse.fr
Fri Aug 31 05:45:36 CDT 2001

Hi all !

I have a jabber server with custom modules of mine (a mysql layer and a http
I use the current stable release, jabberd 1.4.1

It seems I have a memory leak problem...

It seems jabberd (or one of the modules I wrote) is eating ~400 Mo/Day.
FYI the load of the machine is ~1500 jabber logins per day, with an average
of 15 messages sent/received per user.

For now I work around the problem by restarting the server every morning, as
been unable to find the source of the problem.
After careful re-re-re-reading of my work I could not find the thinko.

So my question to you guys are:

- can the memory leak come from the (stable) jabberd code version ?

	I'm interested in hearing from people using jabberd 1.4.1 and having
	comparable number of users logins/day...

- if not, do you know where I could find documentation about the memory
	in jabberd (meaning: maybe I did not understand how to use pools, or what
	was going to be freed after a handler is called)

- do you have ideas on how I could find the source of this leaks ? Some
tools maybe ?

Thanks in advance !

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