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Keith Salisbury keith.salisbury at globalbeach.com
Thu Aug 30 13:03:25 CDT 2001

Hey guys - temas,
Jabber.org and jabber.com are no longer (as of today) supporting flash
connections - i know all about the hack that jer wrote for flabber.org,
we're trying to create a flash client so i'm just wondering what your
plans are regarding flash and its crappy null byte...

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There is currently no way to retrieve the number 
of users from an Info/Query. No one has yet 
written the code to do this. 

You will have to write it yourself. 

Matthew D. Diez 
Systems Engineer 
Vedalabs, Inc. 
matt at vedalabs.com 

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Thanx for your immidiate response. 
Yes already I have gone thru. record.log. 
but I need a query/info from which I will extract the 
data and show some where else.. 
pl. can you send that query again.... 

Sorry for disturbing. 
Thanx & regards 

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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 17:41:06 +0100 
From: DJ Adams <dj.adams at pobox.com> 
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On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 10:51:26AM -0500, Dustin 
Puryear wrote: 
> > I want to know ..is there any tools from which I 
> > extract below : 
> > 1> no. of users connected  to jabber server 
> > 2> Time & Date of Login  etc..... 
> How did I get pulled into this? :) Anyway, when 
running jabberd in 
> mode I know it will show you the number of connected 
users. Also, you 
> could write a script to watch the jabberd log files 
since they are 
> pretty darn detailed for this stuff. 

the record.log file shows this sort of stuff too, e.g. 

20010829T14:53:25 dj at gnu.mine.nu login ok winjab 
and I think I already posted something on getting the 
users with an info/query request (as admin). 

(breaking his rule of blurting in before he's caught 
up with the 

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