[JDEV] Need help with 1.2 server

Glenn MacGregor gtm at oracom.com
Thu Feb 1 09:15:49 CST 2001

Is the spool directory readable and writable by jabber.  I sugggest you make
that dir and all the files under it owned by the users running jabberd.

"Gaspar, Al" wrote:

> I still need help with the 1.2 server.  I have it up and running on RedHat
> 7.0 on a dual processor Alpha.  It accepts an initial client connection for
> a newly created user, but when that client quits, it can't get on again with
> that login.  I have to create a new user login.  The error.log file has
> messages about not being able to access (no such file or directory) the .xml
> files in the spool directory.  The jabber.xml file is set to ./spool, and
> the files are there and readable and writable by the jabber daemon.  I am
> invoking jabber as './jabberd/jabberd &.'  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks--
> Al Gaspar
> al.gaspar at lrn.va.gov
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