[JDEV] Monitoring jabberd...

james rogers buckrogers1965 at go.com
Thu Feb 1 15:16:39 CST 2001

I am interested in monitoring the number of connections, number of messages and total size of message sent and be able to do this for one minute intervals.

I would then feed this flow of info into a CGI process that displays a graph of these three values and updates every few minutes.

I also want the monitoring system to notify me if an agent starts or stops or if the jabberd server is shutting down.   

It would also be interesting to be able to send a status query to any particular agent or module inside jabberd and get back a response with some meaningful values for whatever service is running.  Even a response that only contains <status>no response</status> would tell us that that particular peace of the jabber server is up and running.

The amount of time taken for the message to be sent and returned would also be informative.  If it takes a minute for a message to be sent to a service and returned, then we know that something is going on with that service.

Does anyone else have anymore input on how they are currently monitoring jabberd or methods of monitoring that have been successful in other similar applications?

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