[JDEV] C API plus connecting to jabber

Andy Hird andyh at myinternet.com.au
Sun Feb 4 17:22:11 CST 2001

Hi there, I've been using libjabber to write some jabber clients and basing
them on jabberx. 

I guess I've got a couple of questions:
1. Is libjabber the correct C API to be writing jabber clients with? Are the
jab_* the correct functions to be using?

2. I've been using jab_new and jab_start to make connections to a jabber
server. The port for connections seems to be hardcoded (and the jabber
servers hostname based on the users id - fair enough I guess). Is there another
function to use if I want to make a connection to a server on a different port?
I'm about to start looking at SSL connections and the server is definitely
running on a different port for that.

Andy Hird

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