[JDEV] 1.4RC Server Config File

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Feb 5 16:15:49 CST 2001


Sean McGlynn wrote:
> Hello,
> Downloaded 1.4RC for a quick play. No problems at all on RH6.2, so
> looking good.
> I just thought I'd point out a couple of really minor points with the
> jabber.xml config file.
> They don't cause any problems, but I just like being picky ;-)
> The examples for setting up SSL show opening <ssl> tags, but closing
> </ip> tags.
> Also, (being really picky here), the SSL comments say "Except SSL is used
> on the ports and ips specified."
> This had me wondering for a moment what the "ips" attribute was that I
> had to specify, until I realised it actually meant IP addresses <doh!/>
> A really minor point, but if it can make an idiot like me pause for
> thought then I'm sure it can do the same for other idiots :-)
> Perhaps "ips" could be changed to "IPs" or "ip's" or even "ip addresses",
> just so it reads more easily.
> And now for the really really really ultra picky point. The word "amount"
> is spelt "ammount" a couple of times in the Karma section :-)
> Apart from that, everything's great!
> Cheers,
> Sean
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> Sean McGlynn
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