[JDEV] RE: AIX compilation of jabber server.

David Clissold cliss at austin.ibm.com
Mon Feb 5 17:10:27 CST 2001

I found that the final "jabber-1.4.tar.gz" (dists/1.4/final)
contains the configure modifications that were suggested for AIX.
It doesn't have the ./jabberd/lib/lib.h AIX patch, but that
is now the only modification required to get jabber 1.4 built
on AIX.  With that, it builds successfully and the jabberd daemon runs
as expected.  The FPE signal that I had been getting with "1.4pre2"
(which came out of dnsrv.so) is not occurring in the final 1.4.

Summary: to build Jabber 1.4 on AIX, only 1 patch is needed --
Add the following lines to ./jabberd/lib/lib.h, just after line 19:

/** On AIX, sys/time.h does not include time.h, so do so here **/
#ifdef _AIX
#include <time.h>

David Clissold
cliss at austin.ibm.com

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