[JDEV] Dumb Proxy Question

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Feb 5 21:30:50 CST 2001

Server-to-server communications happen over port 5269, and various other
ports are used for the transports (if you have those installed) -- but for
connecting to your server with a Jabber client, 5222 is all that's


James Tinkess wrote:

> I have opened up 5222 on my firewall, should this single port be all
> that is required to establish a connection from jabberd? I have scoured
> the docs and don't see a specific reference to proxy operations.
> Everything works behind my firewall (ftk).
> After I opened the port up on the firewall and retargetted my client I
> could see the port waiting to be established on the jabberd machine
> (solairs 27), this tells me the request is getting thru .
> Could jabberd be attempting to send back on a port that is closed?
> thx,
> james
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