[JDEV] should we split this email list?

Todd Bradley TBradley at jabber.com
Tue Feb 6 14:15:30 CST 2001

> You _have_ to expect the same questions will be asked over and over
> again when this information is not prominently available on
> *.jabber.org.  The "technical questions" of the FAQ are not
> "technical" in nature.  Having a more aggressively maintained
> "technical" faq (answering the four issues above) would cut down on
> repeat traffic.  IMHO.

I agree.  So it sounds like people like the idea
of splitting the email list.  I also agree with
John Hebert that client and server development
should stay as a single list.  So how about we
set up a JADMIN at jabber.org as a new list for 
install/configuration/admin questions and leave
JDEV at jabber.org as the development list?

Sound reasonable?  If so, I guess that means we
need to figure out who's the mailman admin for
jabber.org.  ;-)

Or an alternative is to have jabber.com host the
new group.  We're already setting up mailman to 
handle email lists for users of our commercial
products, and it would be easy to add a JADMIN
list for general open source server topics.


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