[JDEV] ICQ transport trouble

Aragor aragor at urbus.ru
Wed Feb 7 09:52:55 CST 2001

I have some problem with installing icq-transport in my jabber server
After downloading file icq-transport.tgz (from www.jabber.org), I am
ungzip them, untar them, and put into my jabber directory
After this I type:
'cd /usr/local/jabber/icq-transport'
And on my STDOUT (Monitor) appear this message:
*** No rule to make target '../platform-settings'. Stop ***
In Makefile i found string with link to unknown file 'platform-settinds'
Please help me... what i shall do ?

P.S. Sorry for my bad english. (I am russian)
Best regards,
 Aragor                          mailto:aragor at urbus.ru

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