[JDEV] Invisible mode

Ben Piercey ben.piercey at nuance.com
Wed Feb 7 12:35:43 CST 2001

The problem with doing it that way is that when your buddies change status
by sending a single presence update to the server, that doesn't get
to you when are invisible in the way you've described. That means that
must send individual presence packets to everyone on their roster in to fake
out "true" invisibility.

It's true that you can appear in any state to any given roster item, but you
not necessarily get presence information if your goal is to lurk :) .

Invisibility could work properly if the server was able to determine a users
by checking to see if session exists for them, not by looking at their
advertised presence state (I'm assuming that's what it does).

Offline messaging (and filtering I guess) would also have to be modified to
availability in this way in order to determine what to do with incoming
for an "invisible" user.

Anyone know how cloud chat does it? My guess is by skipping the server-side
presence broadcasting.


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>     This can already be done.  Instead of relying on the server to send
> presence, go ahead and have the client send them directly and individually
> to the users to wish to recieve them.  The server takes care of sending
> presence globally to everyone on your roster who is subscribed to your
> presence.  This is simply a way of automating the process by having the
> server do the work.  The client itself can indeed send the presence
> directly with a to attribute.
>     This also gives you the ability to send different presence to
> individuals.  One you may send a DND, another a chatty..  :-)
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> > I was just wondering if there were any plans to include a mode where you
> > only appear online to people on your contacts list, or better still only
> to
> > people you wish to speak to.
> > I was reminded of a similar feature in ICQ (spit) but if Jabber becomes
> > popular enough to replace it, surely we'll want a feature like this to
> kill
> > off the spam before it starts :)
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