[JDEV] how to run the server?

David Barth dbarth at idealx.com
Fri Feb 9 03:57:24 CST 2001

Jared Rhine a écrit :
> That's the way I do it too, but now that it's been mentioned...
> It'd be a nice enhancement if jabberd had an option to background
> itself ("daemon mode").  Say a '-b' switch that acts like most common
> daemons these days (sendmail, named, etc) and backgrounds the process
> for you.
> I'm not sure I would use self-backgrounding yet (since I'm still
> running -D and redirecting the output to a log) but it'd be nice to
> have its behavior be most consistent with the rest of my init.d
> scripts.

Take a look at the init scripts that Jérome Tournier wrote for the
RPM/DEB packages.
They integrate Jabber in the init.d framework.
Besides, on RH systems the 'daemon' function automatically puts a
process in the background and redirects its output to initlog.


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