[JDEV] jabber : transport : hostname pb.

Thibaut Colar tcolar at qarbon.com
Fri Feb 9 15:10:40 CST 2001

Sorry, I sent last question with a "Re:" in the subject, that's why I post 
again :-)

I had 1.2 server installed and am now installing 1.4
However there is one thing I'm not sure to understand :
do i need to run each trans on a different server ?  I hope not! probbaly
not aniway.
first i tried to add the aim trans as of aim.mydomain.net
it was not working because can't resolve the domain name
Then I added a Domain name alias in my dns server for aim.mydomain.net to 
the same server (the one
where is jabberd   mydomain.net)
However when trying to connect from jabber client the jabber server says:
20010209T21:22:32: [alert] (aim.mydomain.net): hostname maps back to ourselves!
20010209T21:22:32: [notice] (aim.mydomain.net): failed to establish connection
20010209T21:22:32: [notice] (aim.mydomain.net): bouncing a packet to 
aim.colar.net from tcolar at mydomain.net/Work: Server Connect Failed
Was it good to add a dns alias, or should I have added a "fake" domain 
somehow ?
What's the proper way to make that work ?

Thank you.
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