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John Hebert john at vedalabs.com
Fri Feb 9 16:32:24 CST 2001

We are also very interested in making a high user capacity Jabber

We haven't played with 1.4 yet, but we will soon. With version 1.2, the
initial bottleneck seemed to be the number of either open file
descriptors or that ulimit restricted the logged users to ~1020 with the
simulator. We were not been able to get it to go beyond this limit, even
with setting very nice parameters (few msgs per second, etc.) in the
simulator. We have read in the JDEV archives that some users can get a
few thousand, or even tens of thousands, of simultaneous user
connections, but I have not seen any real docs on it on jabber.org. I am
willing to thoroughly document what I find and share that info.

>From what I understand, jpolld acts as a connection concentrator and
feeds connections back to the jabber server via one port. It has also
been mentioned in the JDEV archive that jpolld can run on different
machines simultaneously, each sharing the load of incoming user
connections. I don't know if jpolld works with 1.4 or even if it is
needed any more. Somebody please enlighten me on 1.4 features concerning
user connection limits.

>From initial tests here, it seems that the load will be on memory and
network i/o before CPU, but YMMV.

It might be a good idea to come up with a testing methodology and a
benchmark of some kind, or at least a standard for documenting various
hardware/software configs and how it performs. Anybody have
experience/ideas with this?

Finally: this thread would best be followed in the jadmin mailing list:

John Hebert

ram at oregan.net wrote:
> Hi,
> We are developing an Im system which would support almost a million
> users. I have read some aticles saying that  jabber server has user
> limitations (on a single server). I would like to know where the
> bottelneck is and how it could be solved. Vijay has some viewpoints on
> it. It would be really great if  i could get some input as soon as
> possible.
> regards
> Ram
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