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james rogers buckrogers1965 at go.com
Fri Feb 9 19:04:04 CST 2001

  I believe that how the jabber server is packaged for delivery is a development issue as well as an admin issue and that these mesages should be crossposted on each list.  A package that doesn't compile except with some strange workaround needs to be fixed in the development process or we will just accumulate these bugs until it becomes very difficult for the average user to compile and install the server.
  It should be as simple as a person running a program, clicking the checkboxes and filling in a few screens and the proper packages are downloaded, ./configure is ran, make is ran and make install is ran to install the system into a self contained directory of the users choosing, including /home/username/bin/jabberd if the user isn't allowed to have root on a system, or if the person who is root would like to have jabber segregated into it's own enviroment.

This is my 2 cents worth anyway. :)

---------From the list>>>>>>>>

>>The intent was this:

>>JADMIN is for all questions related to installation, configuration, and ongoing administration of Jabber servers (including transports, conferencing, JUD, and so on).

>>JDEV is for discussions of Jabber development: the protocol, server code, future functionality, etc.

>>Cross-posting is okay for now, but hopefully over the next few days/weeks all admin questions will go to the JADMIN list as intended.  You can sign up for JADMIN at http://mailman.jabber.org/listinfo/jadmin/


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