[JDEV] 1.4 BUG REPORT: group truncate

Robert Temple robert.temple at dig.com
Fri Feb 16 11:55:42 CST 2001

I'm experiencing an intermittent bug when managing my roster.   Sometimes a
group name in a roster item gets truncated.  

It happened now when I'm rapidly manipulating my roster.  Here is what I
did.  I have a pretty full roster, with about 50 items.   Most of the items
have groups.  I move 1 item from 1 group to another group by sending an IQ
set with a different group name.  Then right after the IQ result comes back,
I move the item back to the original group using the same method.  For some
strange reason, a unrelated roster item has its name truncated from "Company
Internet Group" to "Company Int".  I know that its a problem in the server
because I'm looking at the XML file on the server.

Similar things happens when I do different things to the roster, add and
remove items, etc.  


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