[JDEV] removing roster items

Kerem HADIMLI waster at iname.com
Sat Feb 17 06:53:17 CST 2001

Well, to do that, you shouldn't delete the roster item, but send a <presence
type='unsubscribe' to='user at server'/> to the other user (and when the other
side replies with a 'unsubscribed', then you'll not receive the other side's
presence any more). In order to prevent the other side from receiving your
presence (but you'll still be able to receive the other side's presence), you
should send a <presence type='unsubscribed' to='user at server'/>.


Robert Temple wrote:
> I've noticed that when I remove a roster item from my roster, if that user
> was subscribed to me, they lose their subscription.  Is there a way to my
> subscription to them without removing their subscription to me?
> Thanks,
> Robert
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