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Lance Hall pyzr at pyzr.com
Mon Feb 19 04:38:31 CST 2001

I think you mis-understood what he was wanting. What you proposed wouldn't
get the presence for anyone but yourself.

Check out:
Its a php script that will log into a jabber server, and can get the
presence of any JID. It works fine for me. But you have to subscribe to the
script obviously... because of the way presence architecture is built. I had
proposed a universally accessible presence (basically a namespace that the
client can choose what the result will be) for situations just like this. If
the client does not want his presence accessible through this namespace then
that is up to him.. it can be disabled. Since there is no standard yet, i
created my own namespace for my FusionIM client, for just this purpose.


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You can do it like MSN messenger does it.  In IE, JavaScript accesses the
Messenger application's COM object and asks it for the status of buddies,
and the draws them accordingly.


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I've looked at the archives and did not find anything on how to view a
user's online status on a webpage. An example would be Yahoo where it
provides a link to be included in a html page and updates the page (
showing online or offline icons ) accordingly.
I could think of using Jabberbeans to interface to the server through a
servlet and have the servlet generate online status on the html page...
Is there any other way to do this?

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