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Because unfortunately there's an unwritten rule in open-source 
development. If you want people to participate in your project you 
code it in C. Why? Because it's a language a lot of people know 
and people aren't religous about it like they are about every other 

For example people don't like Java's control of the language, so 
they refuse to develop applications in it. Same with Perl, Python, 

C++ probably isn't chosen very often because there's not as many 
people who know it and more importantly the STL for GCC as I 
understand it blows. Plus from the C++ code I've seen from most 
people, they're just doing C with C++ constructs. In other words 
they're not taking advantage of C++ OOP and what you get is a big 

But, Jabber in the end is just a protocol. You could write your own 
server in COBOL if it suited you :). Most Internet refernce 
applications were originally written in C, but there's countless 
variations in other languages. It's just that nobody else has done it 
for jabber yet.


On 20 Feb 01, at 13:37, Michael Wilson wrote:

> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> > As discussed here ...
> Well, stated anyway. I don't question the decision to implement in C;
> doubtless it made sense given the requirements and skills available.
> Still it would be nice to hear /why/ C was chosen instead of C++ or
> something more RAD-friendly. Since the focus of Jabber is design
> simplicity and functionality rather than raw performance I wouldn't
> have been suprised if it was written in Python ;>
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