[JDEV] Private Conference Room

Cristiano José Sulzbach cris at laponia.com.br
Tue Feb 20 15:06:41 CST 2001

I am using Jabber 1.4 and  Conference 0.4.

Ok, I have created a private conference room:

<presence to="grp at gserv"/>

<iq type='set' to='grp at gserv'><query

<iq type='result' from='grp at gserv'><query
xmlns='jabber:iq:conference'><id>grp at gserv/a32d...</id><nick>dude</nick></query></iq>

My questions are:

The Room exists until the server is shutted down, correct ?
The secret must be stored by (or on) the client who created the room,
for future use (invites), correct ?
Is there a way to "delete" the room when the last user has left ?
After creating a room (iq set) it is necessary to send another iq get to
receive the jabber:iq:browse. Is this correct or are a making a big mess

Tanks and sorry, my english is bad.

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