[JDEV] JabberBeans survey

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Thu Feb 22 13:33:30 CST 2001

In the ongoing development of JabberBeans, I have come to the
realization that changes are needed to the structure of the project in
order to further its quality and advancement. JabberBeans, if you don't
already know, is a Java API for utilizing Jabber. You can find more
information about it at http://www.jabberbeans.org/.

I have put considerable effort into bringing JabberBeans to a usable
state, however there are not many open source projects currently which
utilize it, and it still is in a way 'my project', being that I'm the
only one making large changes to it (although there are many wonderful
people who have reported bugs and even sent patches to fix problems).

The survey is targetted towards people who have at least looked at
JabberBeans, but I would appreciate comments from just about anyone
interested in projects involving both Java and Jabber.  The Survey is
not meant to be restrictive either: If there is anything you would like
to add, go ahead and send me your additional comments in email (to
dwaite at jabber.com or to the jabberbeans development mailing list,
jabberbeans-devel at lists.sourceforge.net) .

In one week (Thurs March 1, 2001) I will analyze the surveys, and post a
general summary. This survey is a solicitation that will hopefully help
solidify a roadmap for JabberBeans; and yes, it is a cleverly disguised
plan to try to get more people developing on and with Jabberbeans.

The survey is at http://hendrix.jabber.com/cgi-bin/JabberBeans/survey.pl
(thanks to Michael Bauer for webalizing it).

-David Waite

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