[JDEV] Mime or oob question

John C. Wojtulewicz jcw at ideamakers.com
Tue Feb 27 23:24:34 CST 2001

I'm working on a client that would be used for making presentations to a
group, and have a question about using mime types or oob. The general idea
is to have a conference for group chat and a browser window/plug-in that
could display a series of web pages making up a presentation. I would like
to have a member of the conference be able to send the address for next
page of the presentation to the other members of the conference which would
automatically be loaded in by the browser. Sort of host client but it
doesn't really need to go that far.

Looking through the docs I've seen that it would be possible to use either
the Mime types or Out Of Bound namespace although OOB seems to be more
geared toward file transfers. So I'm just wondering what others think and
how to do this in a fashion that would be usable by other clients.


John Wojtulewicz

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