RESPOST : [JDEV] JabberCOM update wacked - Further

Thomas Charron tcharron at
Tue Jul 3 20:27:50 CDT 2001

From: "Karthik K H" <karu708 at>
Subject: RE: RESPOST : [BIND] namedCOM update wacked - Further
> i can't imagine a few people are so dim-witted here

    You need to expand your horizons then.  You underertimate exactly how
stupid and dumb we can be.  You need to feed your imagination, to allow it
to grow, and actually *IMAGINE* that we are, ineed, dumber then bricks..

> the presence problem is not just one-way, it is both
> ways.  To put in more simpler terms...
> My VC++ client does not receive any presence
> notifications even if a user logs in on another
> machine using Jabber Instant Messenger....

    What's this jabber thing?  This is the bind mailing list..  You must
have your lists messed up..

> and more over here is the code that i have after I do
> a SUCCESSFUL login...
> m_pBindSession->PutAvailable(TRUE) ;
> CString status("available") ;
> m_pBindSession->PutStatus(status.AllocSysString()) ;
> m_pBindSession->SendMyPresence() ;
> and for those who might ask rather dimwittedly "what
> abt the login , was it successful ?"
> yes yes yes i have this code only after i make a
> check for a successful login...

    We here on the bind mailing list may be dimwitted, but I must ask why
someone who seems to loath MFC so much, as stated in your static text, seems
to love and embrace CString..

> and what abt those ducks now ??
> ha ha ha ha ha....

    I dunno about you, but they tasted great..  'Spec when they grind them
up into that sauce they serve at chinese resteraunts..

Thomas Charron
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