RESPOST : [JDEV] JabberCOM update wacked - Further

Thomas Charron tcharron at
Tue Jul 3 20:30:57 CDT 2001

From: "Dmitriy Kolegayev" <dmitriy at>
Subject: RE: RESPOST : [JDEV] JabberCOM update wacked - Further
> Karthik, you have no one to blame but yourself and your buggy code.
> I briefly looked at the VC++ code you released on jabber's site previously
> and it was pretty bad. The event and COM handling were screwed up. Memory
> leaks everywhere.
> I have written a VC++ client using JabberCOM and it works fine with latest
> JabberCOM dlls. Sure there are some bugs in JabberCOM but overall it is a
> good piece of software. I downloaded the latest dll and everything works
> fine with it. To answer a particular question about the presence - it
> works.
> Get a good C++ book before you call yourself a "professional developer"

    This isn't to continue the thread, but thanks for not letting me be the
only one trying to say it wasn't JabberCOM.  I replied to him simply becouse
he seemed to dearly need help, and I loathed the idea of yet another person
complaining about JabberCOM simply becouse they use C++ and have a hard time
with connection points instead of ActiveX events..

Thomas Charron
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