RESPOST : [JDEV] JabberCOM update wacked - Further

Thomas Charron tcharron at
Tue Jul 3 20:31:26 CDT 2001

    Err, actually, you stated that it was quite unstable and you had many
issues with it..  8-P

    Perhaps it just came accross incorrectly in your original post..  (?)

From: "Stephen Lee" <srlee at>
Subject: RE: RESPOST : [JDEV] JabberCOM update wacked - Further
> I'm not sure why everyone is so on edge about this , but could you do me a
> favour as it seems I must have missed part of this thread and explain your
> issue to me.
> I have not noticed any changes in the presence code (of course I'm not
> this is what you were talking about), although as I mentioned a minute ago
> the new release of jabercom , does seem to fix a lot of issues.

Thomas Charron
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