[JDEV] Java Jabber Server... Now usable :)

al at alsutton.com al at alsutton.com
Thu Jul 5 14:35:19 CDT 2001


The first "useful" release of the Java Jabber server is now available. It allows multiple users to login into the server, send messages between them, and send subscription requests between them.

It does not currently report availability statuses to other users (this is comming).

Its available from http://www.alsutton.com/jabserv/ 
The config options are detailed at http://www.alsutton.com/jabserv/docs/configurationparameters.html

The links to other pages on the config options page are broken. This is also being worked on.

Please download and enjoy,

Al Sutton

Web: http://www.alsutton.com/
Email: al at alsutton.com
Jabber: al at personalbuddy.com

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