[JDEV] Java Jabber Server... Now usable :)

Matt Diez matt at vedalabs.com
Thu Jul 5 09:33:01 CDT 2001

I see the jabberserver.xdb.storageinterface paramter. 

This, of course, should point to a class, which 
handles xdb storage. Are you making this some
sort of abstract class/interface from which new
classes will be developed to directly handle
the various storage messages, where the backends
are directly written as Java classes, or is this
to become much like the existing server's xdb
component, one which can handle base_connect, 
base_accept, and base_exec style routing to
various xdb_backends.

And, if the case with the former, it needs not
be said that existing xdb backends would need
be rewritten (see: xdb_odbc, xdb_ldap, my own

Could it also be considered to have perhaps a
service class which defines external service
connections, and extend this functionality
into an xdb class, handling connects/accepts/
execs much like the current server behaves? 

Also: Decided on a license, yet? When can we
peek at your source?

Matt Diez

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The first "useful" release of the Java Jabber server is now available. It
allows multiple users to login into the server, send messages between them,
and send subscription requests between them.

It does not currently report availability statuses to other users (this is

Its available from http://www.alsutton.com/jabserv/ 
The config options are detailed at

The links to other pages on the config options page are broken. This is also
being worked on.

Please download and enjoy,

Al Sutton

Web: http://www.alsutton.com/
Email: al at alsutton.com
Jabber: al at personalbuddy.com

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