[JDEV] Roadmap Matrix (Survey #2)

Michael Bauer bauer at jabber.com
Thu Jul 5 17:05:21 CDT 2001

Well, based on feedback from the first survey, I have put together a roadmap
for Jabber in the form of a little table.  It's at


As you'll see, each major area of development, from server to documentation
to even the "community" has been broken into three major timeframes (short,
near, and long term).  Of course, there is overlap in the areas and
fuzziness in the timeframes but you should be able to get the big picture

Please provide your feeback both on the form and content of the roadmap.
This isn't any kind of official "Foundation" document.  It's just a
compilation of all the projects going on right now and all of the projects
that seem to be planned.  If one of the projects on the list is yours,
please point to relevant documentation or provide a brief summary.  The plan
is to have all the projects in the roadmap linked to their own descriptions.

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