[JDEV] Identity/Authorization Project for Jabber

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Fri Jul 6 03:50:33 CDT 2001

Hello, Adam Theo here;

identity introduction: yes, in fact this is what i have been working on 
most of the night, is putting together links and ideas we have scattered 
accross the web. *groan* i just looked at the clock. 4:30 am. i should 
have been in bed 4 hours ago. have class in 4 hours...

well, may not be done tonight...

archives: yep, there are supposedly archives of the mailing list. never 
accessed them. not on the web. have to be subscribed and send an email 
to the admin address, i think. yep: to get post #1, send to:

identity-get.1 at theoretic.com

and so on. but again, think you have to be subscribed. to do that:

identity-subscribe at theoretic.com

no subject or body needed.

ps: how does everyone like the new sig? did it just after sending out 
that last post... kind of big, tho...

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