[JDEV] Some LDAP integration questions

Ragavan S jabber_dev at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 9 15:18:30 CDT 2001


I have been trying to figure out a way to use one of the available ldap 
modules(xdb_ldap, cw_ldap, ldapauth) with my jabber server (1.4.1) and I 
have a few questions:

1. Do any of the modules support directories implementing pass-through 
authentication? In other words, the directory doesn't have the local 
userPassword attributes populated and instead uses a pass-through 
authentication mechanism. If not supported, what would be the best way to go 
about implementing this?

2. Can the modules deal with uid attributes with an '@' in them? For 
example, the directory I want to bind with contains email addresses as the 
uid attribute. Now, going through the protocol draft, I can see that a valid 
JID cannot contain the '@'. So, is there some other way around this?

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