[JDEV] Some LDAP integration questions

Ragavan S jabber_dev at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 10 11:57:57 CDT 2001

Hi Zad,

Thanks for your response.

>What do you mean by pass-through:

By pass-through, I meant that the actual password MAY not stored in LDAP, 
but rather somewhere else (like an NT Domain server, for example). So, the 
directory server first checks to see if there is a password in the directory 
and if not, then it calls the NT server to look up the username/password 
combination. The NT server then returns to the directory server with success 
or failure.

Does this help clarify things?

Any thoughts on this one below?

> > 2. Can the modules deal with uid attributes with an '@' in them? For
> > example, the directory I want to bind with contains email
> > addresses as the
> > uid attribute. Now, going through the protocol draft, I can see
> > that a valid
> > JID cannot contain the '@'. So, is there some other way around this?


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