[JDEV] Jabber / 2-way-pager gateway? SMTP gateway?

Al Sutton al at alsutton.com
Fri Jul 13 13:00:11 CDT 2001


For pagers and phones presence isn't an issue, if you fire the messages at their network their infrastructure will hold it until their system is on line.

I've been talking to an SMS gateway provider and considering the idea. The main problem is the cost per message.

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  Has anyone written a gateway between Jabber and two-way pagers like the hugely popular Motorola T900? These devices can apparently send messages nearly instantly among themselves, and can send and receive Internet email too.

  It appears that the only way into the system from outside is via email, so I guess this would really be an SMTP gateway, perhaps similar to the one Al Sutton mentioned yesterday. I.e. an IM sent to the device would result in the gateway talking to the service's SMTP server, and the gateway would run its own SMTP server to accept incoming mail that would be instantly routed via Jabber. I would guess this would also work with cellphone text messaging (SMS) which has the same kind of email access.

  Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any any presence feature in this system -- as far as I know, it's not possible to tell whether a user's pager is on and in range. But the system does queue incoming messages until the pager comes back online.

  T900 info: <http://www.motorola.com/GSS/CSG/direct_pagers/T900/>. I'm probably going to buy one of these in the near future; I've held out against cellphones but in this case the geek appeal plus the low price ($100 + $15/month) is too much to resist. Plus, they come in translucent colors...)

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