[JDEV] Jabber / 2-way-pager gateway? SMTP gateway?

Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 13 16:11:19 CDT 2001

At 07:00 PM 7/13/2001 +0100, Al Sutton wrote:
>For pagers and phones presence isn't an issue, if you fire the messages at 
>their network their infrastructure will hold it until their system is on line.
>I've been talking to an SMS gateway provider and considering the idea. The 
>main problem is the cost per message.

Yeah.  At only 1000 messages a month, I'm going to need some serious 
server-side filtering to not exceed the quota.  :)  It is way cool 
though.  They should structure it more like i-mode and make messages 
fractions of a penny a piece.  I did notice that the quota is per message 
for the first 1000, but when you exceed the plan limit, its per 
character... seemingly implying that the free plan messages have 
"unlimited" size?  If so, perhaps a message "compression" feature might 
help.  Where the server saves up and packs a load of messages together for 
delivery every so often, and only directly sends ultra high priority 


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