[JDEV] The Identity Mother Document

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Sat Jul 14 01:24:12 CDT 2001

ok, i tried posting this a little while ago, but it seems it did not
make it to the lists for one reason or another (with the jabber.org's,
because the subject brought up the spam warnings, and theoretic's list
because it was BCC not TO or CC).

so here goes.

i started work on a big document to explain in detail the technical,
social, and political aspects of the Identity project. this is the first
release, version 1.0.

it is called the "Mother Document", as in a term i used to describe it:
"a mother of all posts".

it is too long to post to the lists, so i will just include a URL to it.


please provide input! this is only v1.0, i hope to get feedback to cover
the parts where it lacks.

thank you.

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