[JDEV] Using HTTP or other connectionless layer for wireless clients

O'Brien-Strain, Eamonn eob at exch.hpl.hp.com
Mon Jul 16 16:40:36 CDT 2001


I am looking at the issues involved with putting a Jabber client on wireless
devices.  One of the real-world features of such devices is that network
connectivity tends to be intermittent with frequent, sometimes brief,
outages.  It seems therefore that the normal Jabber implementation with a
continuously open TCP socket for the duration of a session is a bit

What is the current status of alternate lower layers for Jabber?  I have
seen mentions of HTTP but does it mean HTTP as a layer in the network
protocol or does it means implementing a Jabber client in a Web server
allowing the use of a standard web browser as the UI?  How about using UDP
instead of TCP sockets?  In the XML data being passed back and forth is
there enough information to keep track of session information in the absence
of a continuous connection?

In general is anyone looking at Jabber on wireless devices?

Eamonn O'Brien-Strain
HP Labs
eob at hpl.hp.com

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