[JDEV] WCS resolution across host domains - redux

dlb civintel at home.com
Mon Jul 23 14:15:33 CDT 2001

does anyone have an example jabber.xml w/ WCS configured that they could let me look at.  I've found an example that Jer had posted but don't appear to have WCS registered properly - wcs.my_serverdomain is not recognized.  The simple WCS config - w/o the wcs.serverdomain parameter (simply ' wcs '), is rejected by remote hosts. 

_also what sort of connection does WCS attempt to establish to a remote host - does the host need to have WCS installed ??


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  I'd recently set-up the WCS package on 1.4.1 and have run into a problem. 
  I've been unable to determine the presence of any user within another domain through an 'anonymous' WCS session - also haven't been able to send or receive messages from domains on alternate IP's.  

  eg:  -when attempting to send a message to an account on jabber.org
  20010722T00:20:39: [alert] (s2s): We were told by jabber.org that our sending name wcs is invalid, either something went wrong on their end, we tried using that name improperly, or dns does not resolve to us
  20010722T00:20:39: [notice] (jabber.org): bouncing a packet to hello at jabber.org from moe at wcs/Mozilla/4.73 [en] (Win98; U): Server Connect Failed

  probing the presence of a remote user always returns unavailable.

  How is a WCS address resolved ? --is WCS not capable of interacting with foreign hosts ??

  _also , my server is running over @home using a DNS service . This should resolve properly, but may be part of the problem .

  any advice ?

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