[JDEV] Alpha release of Game Playing IM

Ashvil ashvil at i3connect.net
Tue Jul 24 03:00:30 CDT 2001

Hi there,
               I would like to add Magrathea, our Jabber client to the list
of clients at JabberCentral.com. How do I go about doing this?

We would also like some feedback on this alpha version. Magrathea is
designed to be used as a game playing system over an Instant Messaging
platform. You can find more information and download it at

We have tested this with Jabber server 1.4.1 and the server at jabber.com.
We also have tested inter-op with Jabber IM but want to make sure that we
can communicate with other clients. If you find any bugs, please send them
to bugs at i3connect.com

We want expand the Jabber Instant Messaging platform into the domain of
online gaming and we could use all the help we can get.


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