[JDEV] SVG over jabber

Rodolphe Duge de Bernonville rod at idealx.com
Tue Jul 24 04:20:31 CDT 2001

Niklas Gustavsson a écrit :
> Hi
> Is anyone working actively on defining a standard for sending SVG over
> jabber for, for example whiteboarding?
> All I've found so far is this discussion on jabber.org:
> http://www.jabber.org/?oid=1006
> Here, Sunir Shah, describies a little bit about what he's done. If you
> search more for it you end up with this URL:
> http://research.bitflash.com/jabber/
> But it's not working anymore :-/
> Does anyone know of any more people working on this? What's the status of
> the work so far? Does it fit into any of the JIGs?
> I would be happy to help in any efforts of getting a protocol standard for
> this :-)

if anyone is interested ...
i have developped a quick implementation of whiteboard with svg ...
it is just before-under-pre-pre-alpha ...

but you can see it at (and admire my artistic talents :) :


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