[JDEV] Not storing passwords on jabberr server?

Ragavan S jabber_dev at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 30 14:07:36 CDT 2001


Is there anyway for me to prevent the server from storing the actual 
passwords in the username.xml files in the spool directory? Where is this 
done? In mod_register.c?

In case you are wondering why I want to do this, I would like my users to 
authenticate directly against my LDAP directory server, and store only their 
username on the jabber server. All users in my directory will be allowed to 
create jabber accounts and they can use the same password they use to bind 
to the directory, to login to the jabber server. I thought I could avoid 
storing passwords in two places(especially since jabber seems to like to 
store them in plaintext, by default).

Any thoughts?


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