[JDEV] Server-side Message History

Silviu Marin-Caea silviu at delrom.ro
Sat Jun 2 04:40:45 CDT 2001

On Sat, 2 Jun 2001 19:33:13 +1000
"Michael Brown" <michael at aurora.gen.nz> wrote:

> Obviously there is nothing to stop a client author from developing a
> that logs messages locally, and you turning it off on the server, but
> you do that you loose many of the good features of having the messages
> the server (ie the clients get bigger, not smaller, as they must
> both methods).

It's the same thing like with pop3 and imap.  What you're asking is the
imap-like part of the jabber server.  It has its advantages, but it
should not be the only option.  Having the freedom to choose whether to
keep the messages on the server, on the client or not at all would be
the Right Thing (TM).

Client software will grow in size, oh well..

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