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Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Jun 7 23:22:41 CDT 2001

stpeter <stpeter at jabber.org>:
    Traditionally the Jabber project has been quite apolitical with regard to
    the IM wars, and lots of us would like to keep it that way. :) But perhaps
    we can set up a jabber-politics list on egroups to discuss this kind of
    thing.... :)

hm, i like this idea. it would be good to keep the development
(jabelin and devzone), vision (jabber foundation), and politics of
jabber seperate. keeps this clean and clear that way.

i guess i'll stick my head out and offer to host the politics to any
degree. i can offer a mailing list, at least (more if anyone wants

i am already hosting two open source related mailing lists, 'The
Bazaar List' (http://www.theoretic.com/bazaar or
bazaar-subscribe at theoretic.com), for educating newbies about open
source. what it's all about and how it can benefit them. a "newbies to
open source" list, in words. i also run 'The Cauldron List'
(http://www.theoretic.com/cauldron or
cauldron-subscribe at theoretic.com), dedicated to exploring ways
developers of open source can profit from their creations. both these
lists were created from ideas floated on the Free Software Business
List at Crynwr.com.

i encourage anyone interested in either of the above lists to sign
up. they can always use more help.  :)

but yes, i'd be honoured to also host any 'jabber politics' projects,
to find out more about me and my website, Theoretic, goto

thank you all for your time.
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