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I'm a new employee at Jabber.com and previously have worked
with Microsoft's RVP protocol. You can find this document on
http://msdn.microsoft.com. The current version requires Exchange 
2000 with IM installed. The server utilizes IIS for connection and
authentication and a ISAPI filter to parse the custom protocol
verbs, since it's an extension to HTTP. Since HTTP is stateless,
the client logs in with a callback address supplied in the HTTP
header. The server then sends it notifications to it's clients
through the callback address. 

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My understanding is that Windows Messenger (in Windows XP) is merely the
next version of what is now currently called MSN Messenger, with more
integrated features of NetMeeting.


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There's been quite a bit of media coverage over the last several weeks on
the new Instant Messaging features of Windows XP and Exchange 2000.

Exchange 2000 will ship with an intranet MS Messenger server as an
part of the service platform, presumably this will include integration with
the GAL and interoperability with the internet MSN messenger.

Are there any details on the new IM protocols in XP?

XP is promising some very interesting IM features, fundamentally the same
sort of multimedia integration that was the focus of the AOL/Time-Warner
agreement- but Microsoft is under no such restrictions on their services.

On the subject of AOL, the subject of AIM interoperability is still in the
news, such as this article on CRMdaily today:

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