[JDEV] FW: Public domain ODBC module

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Jun 18 22:44:46 CDT 2001

Hey temas, maybe we need a "components" area on the projects page?

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Rich Braman - Audiencebank wrote:

> This SQL Server Database backend for Jabber was meant to be put into the
> public domain and into cvs on jabber.org.  It has been tested against a
> large SQL server implementation and has worked quite well. See
> www.desktopdollars.com <http://www.desktopdollars.com>  for example.  Could
> someone see that it is set up on jabber.org as a project?
> Richard Braman
> AudienceBank Media, Inc.
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> Subject: Fw: Public domain ODBC module
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> Subject: Public domain ODBC module
> Hi Peter and others,
> this is Lubos Pochman from Audience Bank Media, Inc.
> (I think Jeremy talked to Rich Braman from ABM earlier today).
> Here is xdb ODBC module we would like to put to open source public domain.
> The documentation is in README file (if I can call it documentation 8-).
> I know a lot of people were inquiring about xdb DB back end.
> This seems to hold pretty well even with 1,000,000 records in DB tables (1M
> users, not
> all of them online, but that is another story 8-).
> We tested it with Linux RedHat 6.2,7.0 and WindowsNT SQLServer, using
> www.easysoft.com <http://www.easysoft.com>  ODBC-ODBC bridge (they have free
> version available, but the server
> side (DB) has time bomb set to 2 months, after that you have to reinstall).
> There is pretty good info on this site about how to set the ODBC bridge.

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